Disclaimer | Application VR Glasses


Taking into account the development of children's eyes, the glasses should be used only in a very limited way by children under 12 years old. Parents please supervise their child when using the VR (virtual reality) glasses. If you are sensitive to flashes of light or patterns that may cause epilepsy, or have health concerns about using VR glasses, please consult a doctor before using our VR glasses and refrain from using them at this time. When using the VR glasses, you may experience VR sickness called "motion sickness," which is similar to motion sickness or seasickness. You may experience symptoms such as nausea, dizziness or headaches. If you become dizzy or nauseous during use, remove the VR glasses immediately, sit down, and ask for help or contact the guide (if guide guided tour).

Use VR glasses

To avoid accidents, do not move while using the VR goggles. Do not run or walk! Liability claims for personal injury and property damage due to movement during the use of the VR goggles are excluded! The lenses of the VR goggles must not be held directly in the sun, otherwise the respective device may be damaged by heat!


The VR glasses are used by many visitors (except for the purchase of the VR set for the TimeTour 2 | GO). To reduce the possible risk of transmission of infections, the face pads are cleaned by us after use. This cleaning is not the same as sterilization.

Personal injury and property damage

The use and application of our VR glasses and the necessary devices (private smartphone) is at your own risk. The technology provided is to be handled with due care. Each user is fully liable for all damages and losses caused by him/her to the provided technology. In the event of damage, this is to be reported immediately to the support staff. PictureThis OG, TimeTour and TimeTour 2 | GO do NOT assume any liability for physical, mental and material damages and/or consequential damages resulting from the use of the equipment provided by us. Furthermore, PictureThis OG assumes no liability in case of improper use of the product or failure to observe the warnings listed above. By actively participating (putting on the VR glasses, etc.), you acknowledge the rules of use, confirm that you have understood them, and release PictureThis OG from liability for any damages resulting from the use of the VR glasses and associated equipment provided.