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Our technology supports you in realizing your projects efficiently and ERROR-FREE.

Welcome to [open] BIM XR - our innovative construction planning tool! With our application, you can manage and coordinate your construction projects smoothly and efficiently. We offer you a comprehensive solution to successfully implement your construction projects together with your partners. Find out more about the functions and benefits here. Contact us and experience the future of construction!

Simple IFC data upload

We understand the importance of data interoperability in construction. That's why our app allows you to easily display your project data in IFC4 format. No matter which CAD application you use, the IFC4 standard for all platforms can be output.

Easily create your own construction projects and securely upload project data to the company's own backend. This ensures that your sensitive information is protected and can only be accessed by authorized users.

Collaboration is the key to success in the construction industry. That's why our app makes it easy to assign access rights for your planning partners. You can control exactly who can access which project information and thus organize collaboration effectively and securely.

From project initialization to completion, you can manage and monitor the entire construction progress of your projects.

QR code scan (the new meter marker)

Our tool allows you to automatically generate QR codes for your projects, whether for the entire project, individual floors or even for individual rooms. These QR codes are specifically tailored to your project and contain important planning information.

The QR codes generated by our tool give you access to your project data in augmented reality (AR) and automatically guide you to the appropriate areas in the BIM model.

You can use the generated QR codes in a variety of ways. Attach them directly to the construction site, integrate them into your construction plans or send them digitally to partners involved in the project. This simplifies access to planning information and improves communication. By combining QR code technology and augmented reality, we are creating an innovative platform that takes the planning and coordination of construction projects to a new level.

Planning content in AR

With lidar technology, our environmental scan enables precise recording of your real environment. This forms the basis for exact, automatic alignment of the BIM model to the existing conditions on site.

Specially developed for the iPhone and iPad, our solution offers a seamless and intuitive user experience. Your planning partners can view the content directly in augmented reality, enabling a realistic and interactive presentation of the planning.

By simply tapping on 3D objects in AR mode, the component data stored in the BIM model can be called up. This function makes it much easier to inspect and check construction projects by making all relevant information immediately accessible.

Experience how our AR BIM Viewer uses state-of-the-art technology to make your planning and execution more efficient and precise.

Avoid collisions during execution

With [open] BIM XR, you can identify planning or execution errors at an early stage before they lead to costly problems. Every authorized user has the option of recording collisions and other discrepancies directly on site using photos and text.

A chronological and project-specific log is created automatically, systematically documenting all points identified. These log points can be easily copied and pasted into any standard planning management tool, which makes integration into existing work processes much easier and improves communication within the team.

Our technology supports you in realizing your projects efficiently and error-free.

Hard facts

What else you should know.

  • independent platform (IFC4)
  • Early detection of planning and execution errors
  • Efficiency gains and cost savings
  • Simple access management without registration
  • Manage authorizations yourself via your backend

A specially branded app for you in the app store and an independent backend that you can access from any Internet-enabled device via your favorite browser.

Apple iPhone or iPad with Lidar (e.g.: iPad Pro from 2020)

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